Diet and Cool Sculpting

If you are losing weight by dieting, why would you need a procedure such as Cool Sculpting? Well, losing weight by dieting and removing fat through a procedure like Cool Sculpting are two different approaches to the problem of excess weight. For some people, dieting doesn’t complete the job of eliminating fat for good.

Why Dieting May Not Be Enough

Your body uses some of the fat you eat for energy, but excess fat is stored in the fat cells, also known as lipids or adipocytes.

As explained in the Wikipedia article on adipocytes, in adults, the number of fat cells in the body remains relatively stable. On average, adults have about 30 billion fat cells in their bodies that account for 30 pounds or 13.5 kg of their body weight, but some adults have far more than the average number of fat cells.

Obesity occurs as more excess fat is consumed and the mass of fat in the body expands.

The fat cells expand to contain excess fat but only can expand to up to four times their original size. After that point, the fat cells divide to form additional cells. The adipocyte article cites a 2010 study by Tchoukalova et al. that found that it is the fat cells in the lower part of the body that increase in number, not those in the upper part of the body.

The article on adipocytes also cites a 2001 book by Robert Pool, Fat: fighting the obesity epidemic, in which the author states that people who have experienced obesity in childhood have a greater number of fat cells. Those who have become fat in adulthood have about the same number of fat cells as slimmer adults, but the cells are enlarged. Commonly, people who have a greater number of fat cells have more difficulty with achieving and maintaining weight loss than obese adults whose fat cells are enlarged.

Consequently, for adults who were obese as children or who have had fat cells in the lower art of their body replicate, dieting may not be enough. These individuals may need to consider the various procedures for removing excess fat cells. Cool Sculpting is a non-invasive way of removing excess fat cells.
How Cool Sculpting Works

Dr. Amanda Brimhall, a Naturopathic Physician and a developer of the approaches used in Functional Medicine,, completed a thorough investigation of Cool Sculpting before including it in her practice. She found that Cool Sculpting works as described in this Wikipedia article on cryolipolysis. Fat cells freeze and die at higher temperatures than skin or muscle cells. So, fat cells near the surface of the skin are exposed to temperatures of +5° to -5° C. Over several weeks, the cells are absorbed and eliminated by the body. A 2015 review cited by the cryolipolysis article found an average fat reduction of 20 percent as measured by calipers.

Used together, diet and procedures such as Cool Sculpting can eliminate excess fat for everyone.