The Dentist Can Take Care of Your Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can range from a mild feeling to excruciating and can sometimes come on suddenly. There are many causes of tooth pain, including cavities, infections, and injuries. When a person is feeling ongoing pain in their tooth, they need to be checked by the Dentist. During a dental exam, the patient can be carefully checked to find the cause of their pain so the right treatment can be given to help them find relief.

To determine the cause of tooth pain, a patient will need to be examined and have X-rays taken. X-ray films allow for a deep look inside the structures of the tooth so it can be determined if there are any issues present. X-rays can reveal cavities, infections, and injuries. All of these can be treated by dental care and some may require invasive procedures to ensure the tooth is fully treated.

If the patient is exhibiting signs of a cavity, the damaged areas of the tooth will first be removed so the decay does not continue to spread. Decay can increase rapidly and can also spread to other teeth if it is not put in check. Once the decayed areas have been removed, they will be replaced with a special filling material that mimics the natural tooth. Once filled, patients rarely report having any further pain.

Injuries are treated in much the same way as cavities. The damaged areas are removed and cracks and other types of damage are filled in with the same filling material as used in treating cavities. Depending on the degree of damage, the patient may need to have a dental crown applied over their tooth so it is shielded. Crowns are shaped like the patient’s teeth so they offer a natural look.

Infections must be treated with antibiotics and sometimes, the patient’s tooth must be drained or have a root canal procedure carried out. The infection must be brought under control quickly or continued damage will occur which could lead to the loss of the tooth.

Those who are suffering from tooth pain need to see the dental professional right away so the cause can be determined. With dental treatment, the pain can be stopped and the tooth can be saved.