The Declining Direction of Mortgage Rates in Texas

Interest rates or construction loans Texas are a topic of conversation for everyone who takes part in the home buying process. Home owners need to be informed about mortgage rates and how they will impact the monthly mortgage payments on your new or refinanced home. One thing is for certain: the direction of mortgage rates in Texas is down. Because rates are low right now, it can be a good choice to talk to a Texas mortgage broker who can show you a variety of loan programs and help you select the one that is right for you.

What is APR?

Your mortgage broker will help explain why the downward direction of mortgage rates in Texas is to the advantage of the home buyer in our current economy, but it is good to be familiar with some terms before entering into that conversation. One of them is the acronym APR, which stands for annual percentage rate. The annual percentage rate is not the same as the interest rate. You will see both rates listed on loan instruments, so knowing the difference is important in understanding what it is that you are being offered.

The APR is the interest rate percentage, along with the amounts of the loan fees and charges also applied to the particular mortgage loan you are considering. This is the real percentage that you will pay month to month for the duration of the loan term. The interest rate is the charge you will pay for borrowing the amount of money you need to purchase the home. It is a percentage of the total amount of the loan. The good news is that the declining direction of mortgage rates in Texas means that home ownership is much more affordable now.

What is the Advantage of the Current Direction of Mortgage Rates in Texas?

There are several benefits that come to Texas home buyers due to attractive interest and annual percentage rates. One is that it makes home ownership much more affordable. Lower mortgage rates means that you can afford to buy more home for your money. Another advantage is that the interest that you do pay each month on your mortgage payment is tax deductible. This makes for a nice write off when tax time rolls around in April.

It is also to your benefit to take advantage of the direction of mortgage rates in Texas because you will be able to lock these low rates in if you select a fixed rate mortgage. While ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage, payments will increase after you reach the end of the grace period, a fixed rate mortgage will remain stable throughout the length of the loan term, making it easier for you to budget for you mortgage payment.

With rates as low as six percent, now is the time to utilize the direction of mortgage rates in Texas so that you can afford to buy the home of your dreams.