Get Over Your Alcohol Addiction Before It Gets Too Late

Binge parties or be it a moment of sadness, you never part your ways with alcohol. The lust for more and more of it becomes your habit and there you are, all by yourself in some dusty corner of the room. Alcohol addiction can be as worse as any other drug addiction, lowering down the quality of life significantly.

Orange County Alcohol Rehab Centre

Millions of Americans are addicted to alcohol and suffering from its overdosed effects. This kind of addiction should never be overlooked as it makes the person much less productive and hampers the relation with friends and family. Mental, physical, emotional health is affected very badly and the person should very soon seek out for treatment.

We at the Orange County Alcohol Rehab center ensure that no such bad happens to you. We provide the greatest of ease while treatment with a range of treatments to eliminate any sort of substance abuse.

But again, what is Alcohol Rehab?

Rehab is a complete process of treating a person who does alcohol abuse. It starts with detoxification and ends up with critical aftercare and maintenance of the person.   Psychological, physical and psychiatric problems that affect the person’s health are given utmost care & treatment.

We at the Orange County Rehab Centre offer ultimate treatment in addition to care, help &support to our patients so that they again lead their life in a healthy way.

What are your treatment options?

There are two ways to seek treatment which have their own pros with cons. Let’s check them out:

  1. Outpatient:
  • Treatment would be done at your home, without hampering your work or social life.
  • The cost will be reduced as per your contact with staff
  • Personal motivation and ultimate self-control is required
  • Occasional weekly meetings with treatment sessions.
  1. Inpatient:
  • Patients undergo treatment under one roof for about 3-4 weeks
  • Every aspect of treatment (exercise, counseling, full therapy etc.) is taken care of
  • Patient steps aside from responsibilities & removes the temptation of alcohol with staff support.

Treatment Process

Let’s go through some briefed aspects or stages of treatment during a patient’s stay with us.

  • Intake: Current condition evaluation, statistics of previous intakes, physical & mental health report, patient’s willingness to recover are few aspects of this initial stage. Several other tests like blood &questionnaires are also performed. This info would help assess a patient carefully and ready the upcoming treatment stages accordingly.
  • Detoxification: Here we control the withdrawal process and the patient is taken of alcohol safely. Customized detoxification program may take from 3 to 10 days depending upon the patient’s status. This stage involves no medication (mostly) and a team of support staff takes care of the patient.
  • Inpatient Treatment: many underlying problems or brain disorders are surveyed and recovery is done safely. Healing therapies, counselling, behavioural therapies, all of these would help you for self-assessment. It is better to opt for inpatient mode of treatment, as most part of it is taken care of by the support staff. After maintenance are then provided to support the patient from all grounds.
  • Education: Patients are given lectures and group counseling which helps them stay motivated afterwards. Educations are a very important part of post-treatment to ensure that your rest of life is lead happily and motivated.

So, wait no more, help your alcohol addicted friends join Orange County Alcohol Rehab Center and revive their healthy & prosperous life once again.