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Car Maintenance 101: Your Ultimate Car Battery Buying Guide

It is not advisable to wait until your car won’t start to shop for a new car battery. Most often than not, we just purchase a new car battery if things come to worst, because we either don’t have time or enough knowledge involving car maintenance and car batteries. It is really stressful and frustrating having a dead battery while traveling, especially if you cannot find your jumper cables or you have to wait for roadside assistance. In this article, we will provide you some tips that will guide you in choosing the best car battery and car maintenance for you.

Before buying a new car battery, you should consider checking under the hood, get to know the different types of batteries, get the right fit, check how to test your battery, features and accessories, and consider the car battery brands that offer a durable and long-lasting features. Being proactive and attentive to your car battery through regular maintenance and assessment will give you a basis if it needs replacement. It is important to have your batteries tested every year for those residing in a warmer climate, or four years old if your reside in a colder climate. Your battery should fit your car and driving needs, so make sure you select the correct size and terminal locations for your car. It really helps checking your car’s owner’s manual or store fitment guide before shopping a new car battery, to know the battery that best suits your car and your driving needs. High temperatures are tough on batteries, causing increased plate corrosion and electrolyte vaporization that’s needed for current, so choose a battery that did well in battery life tests.

Multiple short trips require you to have long battery life, especially f you don’t have enough time for recharging. Batteries lose strength even in storage, so it is best to purchase batteries no more than six months old. If you are looking for a cheap car battery, most retailers dispose the old one because the toxic lead and acid can easily be recycled. Get to choose the best new car battery with the longest free replacement period by comparing warranties. There are two types of batteries namely lead acid or the regular type, and the absorbed glass mat. Lead-acid batteries are less expensive than absorbed glass mat, and they only require low-maintenance, and they retain their fluid for the life of the battery Absorbed glass mat are designed to withstand repeated draining and recharging cycles, as compared to standard batteries, and they are increasingly becoming the standard equipment in modern cars with features like fuel-saving stop-start systems, convenience features and electronic safety, and mobile electronic outlets, which increase the demand for power.Study: My Understanding of Vehicles

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