7 Ways That Having Trees Save Money

Indeed, trees are a stunning addition to every home. Without trees, your backyard is void of greenery and warmness, and it’s seemingly naked. A good tree on your lawn does more than improving the aesthetic features.

While looking for ways to save money, very few consider how beneficial trees are. The initial investment may be quite hefty in terms of money and time. However, it quickly pays off while significantly saving you on bills. Below are the primary ways in which having trees saves money.

#1. Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs

Other than the mortgage, heating, and cooling costs are significantly high for most homes. For regions with hot summers and cold winters, temperature regulation is somewhat expensive.

The American Power Association lists landscaping as an effective means of cutting energy costs. Through landscaping, your home cooling utilities lower by approximately 50%. In the summer, a good shade-tree blocks direct sunlight, hence minimizing the heat.

During winter, well-positioned trees, particularly evergreens, shield your home from the cold winds. Therefore, heating costs reduce by between 20-50%, which amounts to about $250 annually.

#2. Increase Your Home’s Value

Trees improve the value of your home significantly. For home buyers, trees stem a fundamental selling point. More strategically-planted trees mean a higher selling value.

Trees provide excellent and cool shade, particularly for those afternoons in the backyard. Trees, to a great extent, also contribute to exquisite landscaping. Both of these are critical determiners when it comes to home buying.

Studies show that well-maintained trees boost your home’s value by about 14%. With mature trees, you enjoy now and get higher returns on selling your property. Consult with a local tree company to find a tree that best fits your home.

#3. Faster Sale of Your Property

For homeowners, the longer your property remains on the market, the higher the expenses. You still have to pay for maintenance costs and utility bills, while hoping for a buyer.

Beautiful trees have a direct impact on the sale of your property. Real estate agents agree that homes with stunning landscapes sell faster, unlike homes without trees.

If you’re a homeowner with prospects of selling your property, invest in landscaping. Usually, buyers have a considerable attraction to top-tier landscaping. And trees are an original and noble investment towards upgrading your landscape.

An exemplary landscape gives you a higher value for your property. Even better, landscaping provides the much-needed curb appeal for your home to sell faster.

#4. Fresh and Quality Air

Trees virtually eliminate airborne toxins and pollutants, providing top-notch air quality. With the onset of industrialization, air pollution is currently a global problem.

Usually, pollutant gases, including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, settle on the tree’s leaf surface. The leaves then absorb these hazardous toxins via the stomata, consequently filtering them from the atmosphere.

Additionally, trees trap heat, hence minimizing the greenhouse gas effects. Thus, ground-level ozone quantities reduce, releasing nourishing oxygen.

In their natural process, trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen into the atmosphere. One tree can produce 260 pounds of oxygen annually, an amount which suffices two humans.

#5. Improved Health

Apart from eliminating pollution, trees come with a host of life-changing health benefits. The filtration of airborne pollutants means fresher air that boosts our overall immunity.

According to research, trees extend your lifespan significantly. Reduced risks of cancer and respiratory illnesses contribute to less non-accidental deaths.

Moreover, trees are a perfect shield, particularly during heatwaves. They form a convenient canopy, protecting especially the elderly from heat strokes.

Mental health isn’t left out either. Trees enhance physical activity and social interaction, easing depression and stress. Proximity to natural greenery is also an effective sleep booster.

#6. Prevention of Soil Erosion

Trees cover primarily reduces the risk of flooding and soil erosion. In hilly regions, trees effectively mitigate landslides.

The roots absorb water, keeping the soil from washing away. Trees are vital windbreaks, sheltering crops, and protecting the soil.

Trees also contribute to soil quality and fertility. With their deep root network, they pull nutrients and recycle them near the ground surface.

#7. Play Your Role for The Planet

By planting and preserving trees, you play your role in conserving the environment. And you don’t have to plant a whole forest. Simply start by contacting a local tree company to add another tree to your backyard.

Trees and humans have a dependent relationship. When we maintain trees, they similarly take care of us. Devoid of trees, planet earth would be nonexistent.

Planting a tree on your property is a critical decision that requires extensive research. Choosing the right tree will go a long way in saving you money.