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Planning of a Website Layout. The growth or decline of a company can be caused by various internal and external conditions. Website layout is among the items affecting profitability. Website design is resource to the company which is of great assistance to all business partners from suppliers to customers. The website design objectives are. The website layout should offer clear identification of the company and easy to find on search engine. The customers should be able to access the company’s website with ease. The website plan should make scrolling on the website easy providing the most important information to customers. The website layout should also be highly interactive. Websites layouts used to focus on providing the company contacts details and a section for customers to leave their comments, suggestions or complaints. The most recent development in website design is having an online chatting section with clients. Customers will get replies on same time period they send them. The customers get replies to their messages in good time. On top of using words to explain about the company on the website. Nowadays the website layout includes visual media to describe the company’s products and services.
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The design of a company website should be elastic. This will facilitate the integrations with other business applications. Such as the stock control application. Customers can get information on the levels of stock of the business products from the internet. The company is able to mitigate the risk of stock out by getting deliveries from suppliers on time.
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A great website design have search engine optimization tools integrated into it. The aim is to make the business search easy on the internet. It involves the website appearing on the first page of the search engine and also improves on the ranking on the page. The plan of the website should also consider the speed. Customers are disappointed by slow websites. Also another challenge is semi-display of features on the websites when the internet is slow. The website layout plan should facilitate full display in the event of poor internet connection. The website layout plan should facilitate encoding of customers information for access to only authorized parties. The online transactions will require clients to give confidential details about them. It is the responsibility of the business to protect such data. Providing for the differences in people’s needs is another feature of a website design. In the background the website should analyze data provider by customers. Conversion of potential customers to orders and retention of existing customers is dependent upon understanding and analyzing data. Technology has played a vital role in creating an environment for e-commerce companies. A requirement of becoming a player in the e-commerce industry is creating an interactive website. Website design is now the tool used by most businesses to acquire a competitive edge.