How is Income Linked to Health and Longevity?

Opinions on sometimes show that the wealthy man rules the world. The wealthy man has easy access to means of pursuing healthy living. In times of sickness, the wealthy man also has money to foot his medical bills. The wealthy man is sometimes regarded as the healthiest man.

This is because the greater your income, the lesser your likelihood of premature death and diseases. This is because your wealth is associated with your health and longevity. Wealth management firms also concede that most wealthy persons, aside from generational diseases, are rarely plagued by sicknesses. Except in some instances, obesity.

Those who are high on the economic ladder, have the luxury to afford most of the things they want. They also have a lot of medical professionals at their beck and call. However, this isn’t the same for everyone. While those who live in the upper class have it easy, those who exist in the lower rung of the society do not. And this is the financial discrepancy that exists.

While it can’t be blamed on capitalism, this system has allowed the private acquisition of wealth. Nonetheless, access to appropriate health care is a function of your income. Just as …